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  Why California Classics > Distressed Hardwoods
California Classics Hardwood Floors.
Hand-Distressed by Artisans.

The term "distressed hardwood floors" refers to the process of deliberately distressing hardwood floor planks to achieve an antique look. Our trained artisans "read" each piece of wood to determine its individual personality, and then choose the right tools and techniques to fully bring out this character. Using more than 30 specialty wood making tools, California Classics flooring craftsmen are highly skilled at adding natural-looking character to our hardwoods. This includes chatter marks, antique wear and tear to the edges and ends and worm holes to create the prefect antique-looking distressed hardwood flooring. No machines, no assembly lines! The difference is obvious!

The purchase of California Classics Hardwood Flooring from an unauthorized dealer or via the internet will automatically void any manufacturer’s warranty. An authorized dealer is not allowed to sell and ship material outside their local territory, particularly into another distributors territory.
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